World Government Summit Dubai 2019

The Museum of the Future 2019, titled “Humans 2.0” and taking place during the World Government Summit in Dubai, explored the ideas and concepts of human augmentation. The exhibition invites the audience to imagine a future where human’s transcend the limitations of their bodies and minds.


Creative Direction (Audio)

Project Management (Audio)

for Idee und Klang Audio Design


Client - Dubai Future Foundation

Exhibition Design - Galerija 12

AV Integration - Neumann & Müller

Photo & Video Credit - Galerija 12

Idee und Klang commissioned composers Alex Melia and Jan Sutter and worked with sound designer Lorenz Fischer to create music and sound design for all eight areas of the exhibition, taking the visitors on an immersive musical journey from the year 2040 to 2100.

This approach allowed visitors to explore the different sections with their own individual sonic themes and musical language and at the same time move through one coherent overall soundscape representing the core theme of the exhibition.

One particular challenge was that the areas were not acoustically separated, meaning other parts of the museum were always in hearing distance. As a result, the team created distinct compositions for each area which simultaneously all fit together to create one large, complex multi-channel soundtrack.