Koenigsfelden Monastery

Under the theme ‚Ganz Ohr‘, the Museum Aargau takes its visitors on a sonic journey of discovery to six historical sites. In an open air installation located in the garden of Königsfelden Monastery in Windisch, Switzerland, visitors can manipulate a pointer on a clock-like interface to move through soundscapes comprised of artistic interpretations of the daily routines of the monastery’s former inhabitants.


Concept Development

Composition, Sound Design

Development of Interactive System

On-Site Implementation

for Idee und Klang Audio Design


Client: Museum Aargau

Technology: Tweaklab AG

Photo: Museum Aargau

The internal mechanics of the clock are simulated by a transducer built into the interface, providing haptic feedback when moving the pointer across full hours, signalling mechanical changes to foreshadow transitions in the ambient sound, and guiding visitors to the interface in the middle of the garden through a subtle ticking sound.

The surrounding multi-channel ambient system reacts to different clock pointer positions which ambient soundscapes for each full hour, inspired by the strict daily routines of the nuns. Individual parts of the routine are announced through processed versions of a church bell from the monastery’s own bell tower.

The installation allows visitors to explore the site’s history through their own actions. The immersive installation blends concrete sounds and musical elements illustrating the interplay of strict routines and spirituality.