King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture

Arabian Journeys is a natural history museum at the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture. Over 8 areas, visitors are taken on a journey through saudi arabias rich natural environments, from the pre-historic formation of the arabian peninsula and its earliest flora and fauna, through the deserts, mountains and coastal regions with their respective wildlife, to an interactive outlook into the future.


Sound Design

Multichannel Mix

On-Site Implementation

for Idee und Klang Audio Design


General Planning: ATELIER BRÜCKNER

Exhibition Concept, Design, Scenography: ATELIER BRÜCKNER

Light Planning: LDE Belzner Holmes

Media Planning: medienprojekt p2

Media Design: iart

Graphic Design: Tarek Atrissi

Film Production: iart with TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE

Photo: ATELIER BRÜCKNER / Daniel Stauch

We created sound and music for interactive stations, video guides, and ambient sound throughout the entire exhibition. Each area's 360° projections are accompanied by multi-channel soundscapes that sonically represent the different biotopes through a delicate mixture of natural and musical elements. Areas also include interactive stations that add local sonic elements to the soundscapes, overall creating an immersive sonic environment that brings the impressive visual landscape to life.