Art Stable at the Royal Palace Oslo

Queen Maud’s Album was a two-year long exhibit that opened in July 2017 as part of the new Queen Sonja “Art Stable” at the Royal Palace in Oslo. It explored Queen Maud's visual universe during her reign from over 44 albums of photographic archives she left.


Sound Design, Multichannel Mix

On-Site Implementation

Project Management (Audio)

for Idee und Klang Audio Design


Client - Tellart 

Lead Design, Concept & Realisation - Tellart

Music composition - Henrik Skram

The exhibit is installed in the Royal Stables’ Hay Tower and features photographs with Queen Maud both in front of and behind the camera. Queen Maud was a passionate equestrian who expanded and remodelled the Royal Stables from 1908-1911, which remains the current design today. The exhibit showcases six themes highlighting Queen Maud’s life and work: The Coronation, The Joys of Winter, The Gala, Riding, In Merry Company, and Summer Life.

Each theme is introduced by a 3D scanned rendering of one of Queen Maud’s fashion ensembles, accompanied by numerous photographs exploring the corresponding theme. The costumes were scanned using a technique called Photogrammetry, which allowed the digitisations to showcase the intricate and beautiful details of the historic wardrobe.

In collaboration with Tellart and composer Henrik Skram who composed the original music score for the exhibit, Idee und Klang Audio Design created the immersive sound design for the installation. Over the course of the 26-minute experience visitors are guided through the sonic environments of the photographs, from gardens to snowcapped mountains, from cycling trips to military marches. Soundscapes and music are woven together and immerse the audience within a 3D-Audio setup. Besides the sound design we also contributed custom-made software allowing adjustment of the exhibit's volume based on the amount of people inside the installation area.