Media World

The Verkehrshaus Luzern in Switzerland currently houses the Media World exhibition. It invites visitors to discover today's versatile media landscape by experiencing the potential of modern media technology first-hand. Co-founder of the Media World is the Red Bull Media House. Idee und Klang provided sound and music for the exhibition developing a generative multi-channel audio engine that creates the soundscape on-site in real-time.


Development of Generative Audio Engine (Sound Design, Composition, Programming)

for Idee und Klang Audio Design


Client - Verkehrshaus Schweiz

Media World Partner - Red Bull AG 

Lead Design, Concept & Realisation - Schmauder Rohr GmbH 

Scenography and architecture - Frank Dittman GmbH 

Media Technology - iart AG

Video Credit - iart AG 

Photo Credit - Red Bull AG

Visitor behaviour is tracked throughout the museum. The audio engine receives these parameters and uses them to create and shape sound and music. Parameters include the total amount of visitors currently present in the exhibition or visitor interaction at specific points within the museum. This data is then used to control musical meta-parameters such as intensity, spectral richness, and pulse of the ambient music.

Analogous to the vast amounts of information in today’s media landscape, "Sonic Clouds," a chaotic blend of concrete sounds such as conversation, cheers, well known sounds of various electronic devices, or engine noises, freely float through the entire museum adding a spatial element to the soundscape. The density, speed and movement patterns of the clouds are dependant on the visitors’ use of the various interactive stations throughout the museum. Thus, the sound of the exhibition is always as active as its visitors.